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Your checkout becomes so cool

KohortPay turns your customers into your brand's best influencers!

-50% in CAC ‣‣ x4 CONVERSION ‣‣ 10+ ROI

It's now so cool to check out, in 3 easy steps


Your customers choose KohortPay on the payment page

Customers pay with their credit card. No app to download, no new signups.

So far, nothing has changed for you or your customers 🔥

Customers refer their friends to save on their order

Customers have up to 7 days to share their referral code and create a group

Your customers invite  friends, who become your new customers! 🙌🏻

Customers love the exclusive referral discount applied directly to their order

At the end of the referral period, everyone in the referral group is charged the final amount of their order.

Your customers are satisfied and you cut your acquisition costs in half 😍

Okay, great... But what's in it for me?



Bring social commerce beyond the buy button

Provide your customers with a social checkout option that drives conversion, lowers acquisition costs, and improves lifetime value.



Turn your customers into brand ambassadors

Incentivize your customers with exclusive shopping cart discounts unlocked by the number of friends they refer.



Value affinity and community above all

Reduce your dependence on promotion, while optimizing your profitability and improving your brand image.


Social Checkout

Social Checkout

Referral payment that drives
customer acquisition

Deliver 10x results on your referral program by bringing it to the payment step. KohortPay automatically applies referral rewards on a purchase, up to 7 days after the payment has been made.




Gamification that drives performance

Turn payments into an interactive and social experience to grow your key KPIs. KohortPay's powerful gamification engine creates virality that works for your brand.




Analytics that drive lifetime value

Data-based AI tools that allow real-time performance optimization, giving you full autonomy to deliver amazing results.

... and SO MUCH more !

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